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Promoting EMAS in Clusters of Printing SMEs
PROSPEC’s goal is to promote the adoption of EMAS through clusters of SMEs, by facilitating the procedures and minimizing the costs and effort required from a firm to obtain and maintain the EMAS certification.  PROSPECClusters, that will be tailor made for the printing industry, will offer the required knowledge (implementation methodology, audit procedure, relevant policies, regulations and legislation on EMAS) and the pathway for cluster registration that will be leading the cluster members one step before EMAS certification.
The main objective of PROSPEC is to deploy and validate a cluster development methodology accompanied by the necessary tools that can be used as a one stop shop for the development of EMAS clusters towards EMAS certification and auditing for printing SMEs. During the project two EMAS Clusters will be setup, one in UK with two(2) EMAS verified members and one in Greece with three(2) EMAS verified members. All these five(5) printing firms are current members of the PROSPEC consortium. The Consortium involves all these partners (training bodies, consultants and verifiers) to internally overcome all the barriers that the consortium’s printing SMEs will face towards EMAS certification.
The guide and the platforms’ networking tools will be customized so as to ease the procedures for future SMEs interested to join the clusters through the experience that will be gained during the project. Special attention will be given to procedures that will involve the printing firms’ employees aiming to a methodology that will increase their job satisfaction, as well as their knowledge of environmental issues. This will help printing firms to be able to easily maintain their EMAS registration.
In this framework, the main objectives of PROSPEC are:
  •  To create the first two EMAS clusters for the printing industry
  •   To integrate existing tools to a pioneer Environmental Management Platform, tailor made for the Printing Industry, serving the needs of SMEs, Consultants and Verifiers.
  • To develop a “modus operandi” guide for EMAS cluster setup and operation that could be easily applied to other sectors
PROSPEC consortium is composed of a printing industry association(BPIF), an SME’s Association(EOMMEX), a consulting company with expertise in ISO standardization(NOSIS), an IT company(OMEGATECH), an EMAS verifier(TUV), the five printing SMEs and a chamber of commerce (LCCI) in order to provide specific expertise to the development of the EMAS clusters.



"This project is co-funded by the European Union within the CIP Eco-Innovation initiative of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)."

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